hawe hydraulics (india)

hawe-Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves

The range includes directional spool valves, directional seated valves, pressure control valves, flow valves and check valves – either as individual components or combined in valve banks.

Directional spool valves are a type of directional valve. They control the direction of movement and the velocity of single and double-acting hydraulic consumers.

Directional seated valves

Directional seated valves have zero leakage. Depending on the valve type, operation is electromagnetic, pressure-actuated, mechanical or manual.

Pressure control valves

Pressure control valves influence the system pressure in a specific, pre-determined manner. This is achieved by altering the throttling cross-sections with the aid of mechanical, electrical or hydraulic movements.

Flow valves

Flow valves influence the flow rate in hydraulic systems.

Check valves

Check valves block the flow rate in one direction while enabling it in the other direction.

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